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Q: What is Book Data Online?

A: Book Data Online is part of a book ordering system that works between certain book printers and PayPal.

Book Data Online is a service of Billtron Services and is not a part of either the book printers or PayPal.

Book Data Online provides a service integrating those two companies to assist the printer's customers in selling their books online.

Book Data Online receives book order information (but not credit card information) from Paypal's IPN module, processes it and forwards it to the the printer's Fulfillment system.

The BDO Module is a system that allows Fulfillment customers to sell their book using PayPal and have it shipped directly to the customer.

They don't have to be personally involved in each transaction or even aware of the process. As customers order their book through PayPal, Fulfillment ships it to them.

Clients can monitor the process as they wish, and receive their money from PayPal any way they want.

Q: What does Book Data Online do?

A: Book Data Online uses the Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system to integrate your book sales with your book printer.

When a customer buys your book though Paypal, the order is INSTANTLY placed with your printer's Fulfillment system. The book is shipped out from their Fulfillment location, you get your money from Paypal. Everybody benefits, you don't have to worry about filling out forms.

Q: How does the BDO Module work?

A: When you sign up for the Module, we'll send you a link to this partner site That link will show a "Buy No" button for your book. You can copy the code for that button and put it on your website.

When people click on the "Buy Now" button they'll be taken to PayPal where they can purchase your book. When they do, PayPal instantly notifies our BDO Module system which places your order with the Printer's Fulfillment. Your payment information is immediately available with PayPal. The Fulfillment System ship out your book, your customer receives it. It's easy for everybody.

You may also receive another link if you have multiple books. That page shows the books as part of a shopping cart system. You can copy the code for the "Add to Cart" button to easily add a shopping cart system to your website if you are selling multiple books.

Note that the links at really work. EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE YOU CAN SELL YOUR BOOK, or if you don't have one yet, you can give people this link to your book right away and they can buy it. Sending an email? Include the link. Have a flyer? Include the link. Doing advertising? Show the link.

If you also have your own website you can have both sites available at the same time. You can certainly include either a "Buy Now" button, an "Add to Cart" button, or even just include the link to Have friends with websites? If they're willing, their websites can show your "Buy Now" button, too.

Q: What does the BDO Module cost?

A: Please contact your Book Printer for pricing information.

Q: Is Book Data Online affiliated with Paypal?

A: No, this system is not affiliated with Paypal. You set up your own account with Paypal. Paypal provides various systems for its users that allow programmers to interact with different sales systems. A Paypal user can integrate with eBay, for example. Many of you probably have Paypal accounts already. Using the BDO Module system will be as easy as substituting your "Buy Now" button (or your "Add to Cart" button) with a new one provided by Book Data Online.

Q: Will there be any extra costs from PayPal?

A: No. Ultimately, this decision is made by Paypal. Paypal currently provides the IPN services for free to any user.

Q: Why does it cost anything to use the the BDO Module? (Why does Book Data Online exist at all?)

A: Book Data Online exists to be the "glue" that merges Paypal's payment mechanism and Fulfillment.

With Paypal you can accept payments for your book. With Fulfillment you can have your book shipped.

Book Data Online was created to merge those two services together.

Book Data Online does not belong to either company but offers its services as a way for Fulfillment customers to automate payment and delivery of their books.

The costs for the BDO Module is for developing the system to integrate PayPal with a Fulfillment system, and maintaining it as a 24/7 live component of the internet.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Contact your Book Printer Sales Representative.

Q: How do I cancel?

A: Contact your Book Printer Sales Representative.

Q: Who is my Sales Rep?

A: Call your book printer during normal business hours.

Q: Who is PayPal?

A: Paypal is a company that allows you to send and receive money online. Visit their website for more information.

Q: Why can't I use my a merchant account other than Paypal?

A: You can use any merchant account you want to receive credit card payments but Paypal provides a module to send order notification to BDO.

Other merchants do not have this module and so cannot work with our automated order system.

If you have a merchant that would like to integrate a similar module, please contact us or your Book Printer. We would be happy to help.

Q: I don't have a book to sell, I just want to buy a book. Can I do that?

A: Sure. Buy any book you want. Click on the link marked "Store" on the left to see some of the books currently available.

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